Project Management

We have over the years handled some diverse projects for clients that may have started with a direct marketing contact, but quickly went beyond that. To give 3 examples:

Sun Life of Canada – we redesigned their life policy application forms from 32 pages down to 16 pages to the satisfaction of the marketing, sales, admin and underwriting departments, as well as compliance. This demonstrated both a design ability as well as simplifying a very complicated task, and the coordination of different client departments.

TNT – working with an agency specialising in internal communications, we handled the logistics under strict confidentiality and a very tight timetable for staff communication on rebranding – 55000 letters in 6 languages, duplicating CD ROMs for presentations and Colour Acetates for more far flung locations (this was a while ago when some countries didn’t have PC’s in every office); plus work books and manuals for locations all over the world, where everything had to arrive on the same day.

The Hospital – now a well known film, art, music and media centre in Covent Garden, it was a derelict and unsafe disused hospital when we first walked around it. Our responsibility was getting community support in a largely hostile local community, building a database of household and business supporters, using direct mail and other direct response media. We were involved in local community marketing for about 18 months, turning a failed planning application into an approved one as part of a whole team including planners, architects, solicitors, lobbyists, corporate PR, consumer PR, educationalists, artists, musicians, film makers and community organisations.