DMA Launches Newsletter To Promote Direct Mail

by Michael on 26 October, 2011

The DMA has launched a new quarterly newsletter – Why Mail? – promoting direct mail as a medium. As an agency, we wouldn’t necessarily feature this, but if you can read a copy, you will see that the editor and yours truly are one and the same. In fact, I wrote most of it, with the design and final editing being done by the DMA.

DMA Newsletter Why Mail.If anybody would like a printed copy, or to ensure you receive the next issue (probably early February 2012), just let me know through the contact form on the site, or by email.

You can read a copy of this first edition of Why mail by following the link.

Whilst this is about direct mail and integration, it is part of a wider view we have on maximising profit from the right mix of integrated channels, which is the subject of a separate post.

Michael Howe

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