DMA Launch New Social Media Policy Guide For Staff

by admin on 25 March, 2011

Is your organisation prepared to handle cases where your staff abuse social media? Does it have a policy? What are the legal implications, and how can your organisation avoid having to think reactively about damaging situations?

Your organisation can no longer avoid the conversation with staff about how their online activity reflects on the brand. This paper will outline issues that you may need to address at the organisational level within your policies, and provides enough background to start or evolve the conversation with staff if it’s not already underway.

An interesting starting point is to understand, and clearly state to your staff that what is illegal offline is, in almost all cases, also illegal online. While we won’t be able to cover all of these topics in a single paper, your social media policy should consider defamation, libel, discrimination, obscenity, harassment, data protection, trade descriptions, IP rights, brand reputation and confidentiality of sensitive business information, as related to today’s social media behaviour.

You can find out more about Staff Use of Social Media on the DMA website by following the link.

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