Direct Marketing

After our long list of services, we have to say we are predominantly a Direct Marketing Agency, mixing traditional with new. We have never seen new developments as a reason to abandon our core services, and ignore our understanding of data or the different channels to use for acquisition and retention strategies. Indeed, we like to say we combine the strengths of a traditional grounding in DM techniques and implementation, with an up to date understanding of digital and social techniques, and the integration of several channels at once.

We were among the early adopters of email marketing, for retail clients in particular, but have never lost faith in direct mail. New techniques tend to follow a path of early adopters, then become mainstream and then get overused – and in the case of email, much abused. As they mature, the cost effectiveness changes. And what works today for the best result may have totally changed in a year’s time as a channel gets more and more usage.

So we see our role as understanding new developments and staying close enough to all of them by working closely with clients and expert partner companies, and a continuous learning programme.