Direct Marketing Association Defends Direct Mail

by Michael on 13 July, 2011

As a reaction to the Panorama programme last week on direct mail, the Direct Marketing Association has issued a fact sheet to differentiate advertising mail and to give the true figures on environmental impact.The fact sheet can be downloaded from here:

Panorama Programme

I thought the programme was superficial, more like a travel programme than a serious investigation, muddled facts and completely and deliberately confused the issue by lumping scam mail and so called junk mail in together ā€“ and as the journalist requested a lot of the mail he had, as somebody else has pointed out, it could not by definition be called junk mail.

Think Jessica

Still, it did highlight a serious problem of scan mail, and I urge anybody to look at the Think Jessica campaign. I saw a DVD after a Metropolitan Police presentation at the DMA, and was shocked by the scale of the fraud ā€“ and also by the fact that it has reached such volumes without us as an industry being aware, never mind helping with positive action. Nearly all of it comes from outside the UK but using UK postal accounts, so whilst there may be difficulties in admin and contractural relationships, Iā€™m convinced far more should have been done and still could be.

Met Police Resource

I went to see the Met Police at New Scotland Yard to see what could be done to help ā€“ essentially to look at ways of identifying the crooks at a much earlier stage. The main problem here is police resource, but I still think the industry could do far more, and should have been doing since the police brought the issue to the attention of the industry.

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