Direct Marketing Association and FA Premier League Digital Benchmarking Study

by Michael on 15 July, 2011

How many times do you get invited to a free event at Wembley Stadium, to look and learn, courtesy of the FA and the Direct Marketing Association?

So I was there yesterday morning for the launch of the digital marketing research survey conducted amongst Premier League clubs. Quite a few DMA members there but just one Club – the FA didn’t invite any, but Chelsea are a DMA member anyway – so well done Chelsea FC! It just struck me that’s the first time I’ve written that, but probably shouted something similar a few thousand times over the years.

What did I learn? The problem with aggregated research is that it lumps the good, bad and indifferent together, and large (over 2 million email addresses in one case, presumably Manchester United) and much less than one tenth of that at the other end of the scale. It is obviously a highly loyal audience, and the average number of emails a month is twice an email industry norm. Maybe as a function of that, the open and click rates are no higher than industry norms, which did surprise me – but given the frequency maybe that’s quite a good average. The view was that there was a lot to be done on segmentation, targetting and personalisation to keep the communications relevant.

And a common view that mobile communications are the biggest challenge ahead – so maybe I’ll see emails and web content optimised for my Blackberry in future.

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