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We are a specialist Direct Marketing agency founded in 1982 and based in Chelsea, with Senior Management who’ve been in the business for over 40 years but remain very much involved in day to day account handling. Put simply, if you work with 100 Percent, no matter how large or small your business, your account handler will have over 40 years of Direct Marketing expertise across a wide range of functions, as well as business management expertise.

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We are predominantly a direct mail and data agency. Michael Howe co-owned and worked in the UK’s then largest direct marketing service company. 17 years working on Procter & Gamble business, handling mail order giants such as Gusco and Grattan, charities, financial services, retail, travel and leisure has given us some key skills in strategy, planning and account management, as well as the skills across our activities. Find out more here.


Over the years we have handled some diverse projects for clients that may have started with a direct marketing contact, but quickly went beyond that. This has included work with an insurance company wishing to simplify their applications process, helping a business overcome a hostile local community, launching a mail order catalogue and reaching out to new mothers with a special offer. Find out more here.


Most of our clients are looking for a level of integration with relatively small budgets. We  work in both B2C and B2B, for large corporations, SME’s and start-ups with very restricted budgets.

Core Services

  • Consultancy
  • Data Cleaning and Enhancement
  • Direct Mail
  • List Research
  • List Broking
  • Event Support

Plus, after many years in business we have developed a wide partner network of people and businesses with similar philosophies that we can trust to deliver a range of additional services.

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He started his career in Direct Marketing in the 1970’s, working for an American multinational. By 1984, he was part of the UK management team of Dun & Bradstreet, and General Manager of its UK Marketing subsidiary, Donnelley Marketforce. In that year, he led a management buyout to form the Marketforce Group, at the time the largest and most profitable direct marketing services group in the country, including two agencies and various service and production operations.

After the sale of the group in 1988, at 36 times the purchase price, Michael ran his own management and marketing consultancy, and by 1994 included 100 Percent amongst his clients. After a period of gradually increasing his commitment, he acquired 100 Percent in 1997.

His client experience includes 17 years working on Procter & Gamble business, becoming Group Account Director, during which time he was responsible for the below the line launch of Pampers and several other brands; major mail order companies such as Gusco and Grattan, including the launch of Next Directory; other major fmcg companies such as Van Den Bergh’s, Elida Gibbs and Gillette; financial services such as Barclaycard; and many others. Much of the work in the last 20 years has been with smaller companies or divisions of larger corporations.

Hedy Howe – Director

After moving the UK, she rose to be General Manager of Academy Editions, a specialist architectural publisher, before a career break for family. She joined 100 Percent when we acquired it in the 1990’s.

Hedy has also published three books of short stories and written lyrics for many songs.

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